Messages: 2011-2017 (all these years of texting and we haven't gotten any closer)

Luke Cheng and Yun Liao in collaboration with Iain Nash

Isometric Studio

Luke Cheng and Yun Liao present a multi-volume set of books containing the entirety of their shared Facebook chat history, along with an installation of its textual and photographic contents in a single-bedroom apartment. 

Looking back at a conversational record spanning seven years, the two artists reflect on the textual and affective character of their inter-continental dialog. They explore the immateriality of intimacy (digital or not) by embodying it in the form of an epistolary novel and unraveling it into a physical space. In an act of self-disclosure that challenges the illusion of digital ephemerality, they reveal a difficult text touching upon issues of gender and sexuality and question how our experience of memory is changed by the omniscient social platforms bearing witness to our lives.

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