About Luke

I’ve begun to see art objects as instruments capable of generating specific social interactions with political ramifications. I started this line of inquiry after witnessing the growing divisiveness within the US population as well as in my ideologically-divided family. Drawing from my experience designing digital products at Facebook to promote specific online interactions, I started asking how I could use those techniques in the physical world, with the goal of enabling communities to share their collective cultural memory with others. This led to the work I did in Prosper:us and Truvada Case, as well as an abandoned project to mediate empathy-building conversations between Trump and Clinton voters.

My background is in film photography, which I studied under Deana Lawson and Accra Shepp at Princeton. I continue to make portraits using large/medium format film and digital, with particular interest in telling narratives of strength drawn from vulnerability and exploring how the technologies we develop result in new ways of being human. My image-making practice also serves as an investigation of my own queerness, a dialogue with the legacy of colonialism, and a way to create artifacts of memory for the relationships most important to me.

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Please feel free to reach out about potential collaborations — or just to say hello.

Mail: llc.luke@gmail.com

Facebook: facebook.com/llukech

Insta: @lukemakesimages

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